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The Dangers of Using Almond Oil to Treat Dark Circles

While quite a few websites are suggesting the use of almond oil for getting rid of dark circles underneath the eyes, there are a few well known problems that can develop.

To begin with almond oil, also identified as laetrile in its edible form, comes from almonds, which are nuts. Food Chemistry Journal figures that over sixteen and a half million Americans have an allergy to nuts. A majority of whom aren't even cognizant of it since the symptoms are slight and treated as a conventional belly ache or a strange rash. Regardless, should those folks use almond oil to cure dark circles, they are introducing an allergen right next to the eyes, one of the bodies most vulnerable areas and will probably experience anything from a slight to a terrible allergic reaction.

Another reason to be worried is that eating almond extract is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women since various studies have hinted at a hypothetical chance of birth defects. Cyanide discharge can and has happened if the enzyme beta-glucuronidase is introduced. That enzyme is present in the human gut and inside the nut itself. There is a procedure which can get rid of the cyanide molecules from almond oil, although it is still poisonous if absorbed in substantial amounts. Since some folks may well use almond oil to treat their dark circles excessively, this might be a serious dilemma.

The least harmful type of almond oil used for dark circles therapy is called sweet almond oil. The bitter almond oil version has been responsible for sickness and fatalities in a few noted cases. Actually, the FDA has prohibited the utilization of bitter almond oil for medical usage; nonetheless, it is accessible for uses such as aromatherapy because it's unlikely to contact the skin or be taken internally. The trouble is that the community is mostly ignoranthe differences concerning the two types of oils and could Regrettably try to utilize the bitter almond oil as a dark circles therapy by accident.

With all the unnecessary dangers summarized above, we're not really sure why anybody would desire to take the risk of employing these almond oils underneath their eyes. Particularly since there are many FDA sanctioned alternative remedies that don't present the risky side effects of almond oil for getting rid of dark circles underneath the eyes.

There are a whole lot of new cosmetics that were created for both women and men. However, they tend to be a little expensive. But, if you only other options is to consider cosmetic surgery, then this expense will be minor in comparison.

If you are looking for all natural remedies for your dark circles problem, there are several websites you can go to for additional information on how to treat the condition. Our web site provides a forum where many of your questions are answered by fellow suffers. Most of the questions you have probably wanted to ask have probably already been answered by our contributors and other people with dark circles under their eyes.


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Good that you share to us the danger of almond oil. Women should read this to get learn.

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