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Helping Someone During An Asthma Attack

Most people would love to never have to have asthma, and would love to be totally free, but sometimes you just cant help the fact that you have asthma.

The most important aspect of remaining asthma free, is generally to always follow the right health advice and this way you will naturally be able to free yourself from asthma.

Breathing is the most important thing on this planet and when you have asthma, then you cannot breathe normally. No wonder that these attacks are so alarming for the affected person and for onlookers.

You need to understand a little about asthma, when you attempt to help someone with asthma. Imagine for one moment that you have a friend and all of a sudden they begin to have an asthma attack, what would you do?

It could even be at a birthday celebration when you hear one of the children screaming or crying because they are having an asthma attack. how would you react in one of these situations? Do you know how you would react in one of these situations?

The reality of the situation is that you might not know how to deal with someone in these sorts of situations. These are the situations where you would be able to save someones life. These are some of the things which you should memorize during a bout of asthma, patients find it better to breathe while sitting up than lying down. Try your best to get the person having an asthma attack into the most comfortable position as you possibly can.

Most asthma patients know what they need to do to deal with an attack. You should always take the time and ask them how they feel. Find out if they have their asthma pump on them or not.

If they dont have an asthma inhaler on them, calm them down and ask if you should call anyone they know. Most asthmatics will have an inhaler on them aswell as a card on what you should do incase they have an attack. You might find that the patient having the asthma attack will not be able to talk to you. In such situations, an instruction card explaining what needs to be done can be invaluable.

If you do find the card then follow the instructions. Always monitor them and watch them use their inhaler in front of you. The asthma pump will have the right amount of medication needed by them in order to feel better. The medication works fast, and will help the person feel better in no time. Drugs are so important that in case the patient doesn’t have his or her inhaler available, most doctors say that it is ok to use someone else’s. You should always try your best to use the right medication.

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Wait a few minutes before you use the inhaler again. the patients lips should be around the asthma inhaler. If you are helping him use the inhaler, you need to tell him when you are about to squirt the relief medication into his mouth, he will need to breathe this in. Always let the person taking the medication wait a few minutes before having more medication. Wait for that person to tell you they need more medication. You can use a spacer to help the person inhale the medicine over the course of several breaths, instead of one breath. This device will be inbetween the asthma inhaler and the persons mouth.

If there is no spacer, then simply design your own one, take a magazine and roll it up. You should never leave a person after gving them their medication, always sit with them and help them out. Is it getting easier for him to breathe? If it appears that they are not responding to the medication within ten minutes, call an ambulance. And continue to deliver about four puffs of medication every five minutes while waiting for the ambulance. The treatment whould alteast have some positive effect whilst you wait for medical help.Stay calm over the episode. This will help the patient remain calm as well. If the person is stressing while having an asthma attack, then this will only make his asthma worse, as well as not help him breathe.

Always make the person feel calm. This is one of the most important things to do during an attack. You've now learned the ideal tips on how to help a person who is struggling with asthma.


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