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Tinnitus Cures

Tinnitus can be ver difficult to treat, especially if the cause is from damage to the inner ear. It is possible to manage tinnitus and lessen the symptoms, but unfortunately if there is damage to the inner ear it isn't possible to cure. If tinnitus is caused by a disease, such as meniere's disease, curing the disease will also treat and the best tinnitus cure.

* tinnitus cure and hearing loss

Most often tinnitus is caused due to very loud noises that can rupture an eardrum or damage the ear. The most common damage within the ear is to the hearing nerve within the inner ear. If these hearing nerves are damage the nerve stop sending messages to the brain and hearing loss occurs. When the brain stops receiving messagesfrom the ears it sometimes compesates for the loss of hearing and creats a noise, resulting in tinnitus. This kind of hearing loss and tinnitus cannot be cured. But the tinnitus can be managed so that it doesn't interfer with your life. Many times to combat their hearing loss people use hearing aids. These often work but if the volumw is up too loud it can cause further damage to the nerve within the ear.It is possible to lessen the tinnitus by monitoring the noises causing the tinnitus and hearing loss. Volume is measured by decibels, and anything louder than 84 decibels can cause damage to your inner ear. If you know that you are going to be around loud noises protect your ear with ear mufflers of ear plugs. Try to listen to music and television at a lower volume. If noises around you louder than a hair dryer -- whic functions about 84 decibels, then its too loud and you need to protect your ears.

* Tinnitus cures that reduces symptoms

Some treatment for tinnitus are antidepressant and antianxiety medications. Even if you don't suffer from depression or have anxieties the medications have helped many people to lessen tinnitus. You will need to visit your doctor to get correct prescription. Some antidepressants can make the tinnitus worse, so make sure that you discuss every option with your physician. Taking vitamin suplements have been effective tinnitus cures. Calsium and magnesium have been proven to stregthen the tempormandibular joint within the inner ear. Once this joint is strengthened it will not continue to vibrate. When this joint is weakened, the smallest movement of the head will cause vibrations making sound within your ears. If you strengthen the joint you may no longer suffer from tinnitus. You will need large amounts of calcium and magnesium to see results. Take twice the daily amount of these vitamins every day for at least 6 weeks, if you don't see improvement talk with your docotr about what else could be causing tinnitus.

* Tinnitus Cures and larger problems

If the tinnitus is caused by larger problem, the best way to get rid of the tinnitus is to cure the problem. Often a tumor or aneurysm is causing tinnitus. getting rid of the tumor can get rid of the tinnitus. Taking care of your hearing by properly using ear plugs and mufflers is the best way to prevent tinnitus and to prevent it from getting worse. Reguler doctor checkups will also help to diagnose and treat the problem. By visiting your doctor you can get the right tinnitus cures for you.


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